Answers to some common questions

Q: Are Chris & Alaina based on you and your husband? No, I’m very happily married and not nearly as spiteful as Alaina – most days! However, being together for 16 years, we’ve had several ups and downs that I can use as inspiration for some of the things that go on between them. There […]

Audiobook, Book 2, and some other exciting news!

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated you all since I have been busy at work on Feathers Floating Through Ember, but I thought I’d take a minute to send out a status update for all you ‘OMG, give me book 2 now’ people! (By the way, I love that you are all so excited […]

Oh, that cliffhanger and the beginning of book 2

Alright, fine, we’ll talk about that cliffhanger ending! I knew it was a risky, and I hate cliffhangers myself, but with so much story left to tell, I thought it’d be a great place to end book one so that I could transition into the backstory of the how, when, and… “green eyes.” I think […]

All the Feels!

Holy crap y’all! I’m just taking a minute to share my Monday thoughts since I have ALL THE FEELS today! First, a bit of background on this book. I sat down one day and started telling this story. I’d always wanted to write but never thought I had what it took to be a real […]

More of Us To The West – The Location

In the story, the island they land on is completely fictional but resembles other islands in the Marquesas.  I became fascinated with Ua Pou the instant I saw my first photo of it.  I spent two days going down a research rabbit-hole on Marquesas legends and folklore. I’m planning a trip there this summer to […]

Post Traumatic Publish Disorder?

Publishing a book should come with some sort of warning label.  Pouring a year of your life into a story and finally hitting the publish button on Amazon is both exhilarating and nerve-racking.  In one hand, you’re excited to finally share your work with the world.  You’ve lived inside this story, and dreamt of nothing […]

Publishing Book One!

One year after deciding to to write this story, several thousand cups of coffee later, and an influx of input from friends and family who I’m sure I’ve driven crazy with it all, I am finally hitting “Publish” this week!  I cannot believe it is done.  I want to thank all of the friends and […]

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