About the


I like to write realistic characters into somewhat unrealistic scenarios and watch as they navigate through them.

I write men who are imperfect in life and perfect in love; the kinds of men we all secretly dream of; men who say and do the right things at the right times while still being perfectly flawed in every other aspect of their lives.

I like to write personalities my readers love to hate and hate to love. I want my readers to experience these characters as if they lived alongside them; to feel passionately—whether it’s love or hate or frustration—about each character they read.

Life has its tragic moments; every one of us has some tragedy that shaped a part of our personalities. I write those too, and I write them unapologetically. If you want authenticity in characters, you have to live those tragic moments with them.

But… we all have these truly amazing moments too; moments that drown out those tragedies and make us a little lighter for them. I make sure my characters have both.

I write to take my readers on a journey away from reality alongside characters that make it feel real. And I love every second of what I do.