AI and the Art of Character Creation: Visualizing the Voices in My Head

In the intimate dance of storytelling, characters are not just figments of the imagination—they are the heartbeat of our narratives, entities with depth, desires, and destinies. My process of character creation has always been a deep dive into the complexities of personality, an exploration that transcends mere physical descriptions to touch the very essence of […]

Writing My Way Out: Escaping the Media’s Grip and Rediscovering Joy

In an age where the media’s pervasive presence infiltrates every corner of our lives—from the endless scroll on our phones to conversations dominated by the latest headlines—it became increasingly challenging to find a respite from the relentless message that “we’re all doomed.” The media, omnipresent and omnipotent, seemed to cast a long shadow over every […]

Depression and ADHD: An Author’s Battle with Silent Saboteurs

There are days when I find myself staring blankly at the blinking cursor on my computer screen. It’s almost as if that tiny, ever-persistent line is mocking me, challenging my very identity as an author. Those are the days when the ghosts of depression and ADHD rear their heads, obscuring the landscape of my creativity […]

Supporting Self-Published Authors: The Power of Your Reviews

Have you ever come across a book that failed to resonate with you? It’s a common occurrence for readers, but have you ever considered the impact your review could have on the author, especially if they are self-published and relatively unknown? Yesterday, in a moment of vulnerability, I succumbed to the need for validation and […]

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