Book 1 - Alaina

Relationship with Chris: Pre-Plane-crash

2007: (Age 21)


Meets Chris at a concert. Spends rest of night in cafe talking.

Cooks dinner for 2nd date.

Attends younger sister’s wedding for 3rd date.

Marries Chris after 6 months.


2009 (Age 23)

Chris purchases her dream home.


2011: (Age 25)

Dream home repairs are complete. Ready to start a family. Begins trying to get pregnant.


2013: (Age 27)

Learns of rare genetic condition called a unicornuate uterus that will make getting pregnant difficult and carrying any child to term almost impossible.

Becomes pregnant later that fall despite her odds.



2014: (Age 28)

Loses baby (Evelyn) at 32 weeks.

Chris gives her a necklace with bits of hair from Evelyn.

Can’t get above grief, causes strain on relationship with Chris.

Travels to Minnesota to stay with her sister, Cecelia, on their campground.

Makes friends with Cecelia’s husband Owen’s cousin Doug.

Stays for 2 months. Chris visits on weekends.

Chris confesses to cheating.

Goes home to fix things.


2015: (Age 29)

She and Chris have lost all intimacy since the child loss.

They’re awkward together.

Alaina visits the doctor to look into IVF options.

Cecelia’s daughter falls through the ice and they travel up to visit in the hospital.

Chris accuses her of having an affair with Owen’s cousin Doug. This only makes matters worse.



2016 (Age 30)

The two of them fall into an unhealthy pattern of avoiding their intimacy issues.

Alaina looks into adoption.

Chris approaches her and says “We need to talk.”

Afraid the talk might lead to divorce, she suggests a trip to Bora Bora—a honeymoon they never got a chance to take.



2017 (Age 31)

After being delayed by a March snowstorm in route to Bora Bora, her plane ticket is upgraded to first-class and she is seated beside Jack Volmer, an actor and also her childhood crush.

The plane encounters a strange storm and crashes in the Pacific. 

Post-Plane Crash

March 1773

Wakes from crash on a raft with 12 other survivors, head is cut open and ribs are bruised. Chris and the back of plane are nowhere to be found.

Phil tells her he saw the plane explode.

Watches pilot die, leans on Jack for emotional support.

After almost a week, finds land in the form of an island.

Re-injures ribs searching for signs of Chris on island.

Discovers Isobel (Izzy) has lost her hearing during crash.

Helps Jack fight pneumonia.

Slowly starts to feel the old childhood crush for Jack appearing as a means of coping.

Begins to notice the lack of satellites, airplanes, or other ships. Suspects something was odd about the storm.

March 1773

June 1773

Develops bonds with other survivors and falls into a routine of fishing and foraging.

Strange ship is spotted far out to sea, does not turn toward island fire.

Shifts setup on summit to watch for ships.

Spends a week alone with Jack and begins to develop real feelings.

Finds bones in an oasis near the summit.

Storm hits, destroying beach shelter. Izzy goes missing.

Finds Izzy in pitfall with boar, gets injured and nearly dies of the infection. In her brush with death, becomes convinced Chris is dead, decides to live to explore feelings for Jack.

Begins relationship with Jack.

Finds large cave near waterfall to replace beach shelter. Filled with the journals of Zachary William Charles and dated 1928.

Reads journals to find out Zachary’s merchant ship encountered a similar storm in almost the same location.

Coordinates are off.

Lilly begins to flirt with Jim.

Anna grows tired of waiting for rescue.

Boat construction begins.

Phil attempts to rape Alaina, his son Kyle stops it and almost kills him. Phil is captured and put on a small boat they found on the shore and shipped out.

June 1773

December 1773

Boat construction is nearly complete.

Further reading of journals makes group think they too might be near the Marquesas islands. Group ponders Bermuda Triangle and time travel theories.

Alaina and Jack return to the summit where Jack intends to propose. A fight ensues instead.

The lower cave collapses on Jim.

Lilly professes her love for Jim.

Massive storm hits and destroys most of the boat.

Alaina realizes she’s pregnant.

Anna and Bruce insist on leaving on the raft to search for help.

Jack convinces them to stay two more weeks so he can construct something smaller out of what’s left of the boat.

Jack proposes.

Anna is worried about Alaina’s condition. She could die without a doctor.

Bertie’s health fades.

Bertie dies.

Jack builds a more durable raft.

Jack and Bud leave on the raft during the night to search for Ua Pau.

December 1773

March 1774

Chris shows up on the island.

March 1774

Book 2

March 2017

Chris goes to first-class restroom to sneak a peek at Alaina as he passes.

Plane crashes while he’s in restroom.

March 2017

March 1773

Chris struggles to get out of restroom, door is jammed. Sees Alaina’s boots dangling lifeless from someone’s arms as they escape. Once free, he hears someone calling for help, abandons the raft to rescue Maria.

Trapped inside the plane, Chris and Maria are unable to catch the raft and see it float away while clinging to a single life vest in the water.

During the storm, Maria sees a small island and they spend hours fighting the waves to get to it.

Chris’s head is injured.

Hopeful the raft might see the smoke, Chris attempts to make a fire. After 2 days, he finally gets it, but the raft is long gone.

The island Chris and Maria have landed on has no source of fresh water.

Chris constantly hears Alaina’s voice.

March 1773

May 1773

Starved and nearly dehydrated, Chris and Maria struggle to stay alive.

After a heavy storm, Chris and Maria crawl out of their shelter to find 2 large wooden ships anchored near their island. They introduce themselves as Captains James Cook and Captain Tobias Furneaux.

After Maria introduces herself by her full name, Maria Amalia, a shipman misidentifies her as the Duchess of Parma.

Maria plays along despite Chris’s apprehension and the two of them are brought aboard the ship. Lieutenant Edgecumb, leader of the ship’s marines, seems suspicious of them

Chris slowly befriends the ship’s naturalist, Johann Forster after seeing smoke on the horizon and being told the ship couldn’t turn because those islands were known as the ‘Devil’s Islands’ and no sailor would venture there.

May 1773

June 1773

The ships arrive in Tahiti where Chris searches for signs of his wife.

Lieutenant Edgecumb accuses Chris of being a gentleman and teaches him how to use a sword. Chris is a natural.

June 1773

July 1773

During a performance the local Tahitians put on for the captain, Maria is accosted in the woods by Sergeant Harris, one of Captain Furneaux’s men. She kills him.

Lieutenant Edgecumb discovers them and offers to hide the body.

Chris realizes he has feelings for Maria and buries them since he is searching for his wife.

Lieutenant Edgecumb and Maria dance around flirtation.

Furneaux’s men accuse the local Tahitians of doing something to Sergeant Harris and violence ensues.

Edgecumb agrees to organize a search party the following morning.

The body is hidden at the waterfall and Chris agrees to make it look like an accident. He’s caught in the process. He is then flogged and imprisoned in the ship’s hull.

Chris’s mind plays tricks on him during imprisonment.

Johann visits with his driver’s license and asks if its real

Maria visits to inform him she will tell Edgecumb the truth and is planning to start a relationship with him.

July 1773

September 1773

Chris is let out of prison in New Zealand. Furneaux’s ship is missing. 

Maria and John Edgecumb are engaged.

After a month of waiting, Captain Cook decides to sail toward the southern continent without the other ship.

September 1773

December 1773

Jack and Bud are approached by a few Nikora on the water and taken to another island.

Jack and Bud realize something is off when the Nikora show no signs of ever encountering civilization.

On another island, Jack is presented with a tortured Phil who explains that the Nikora think they are gods from the future and will test him.

A young boy named Michael translates for the Nikora chief Uati, explaining to Jack that he is expected to fight a rival tribe member to prove he is a god.

Jack fights and kills a man but refuses to accept Uati’s gift of a young girl. As a result, he and Bud are imprisoned alongside Phil and a man named Jacob, who is Michael’s father.

December 1773

January 1774

Bud has convinced Uati he is the god of wisdom and is being slowly let out of their prison to teach Uati English. In turn, he is learning their language as well.

Bud makes a bet with Uati that if they were tested again with another battle, he and Phil (the god of trickery) would beat their opponents before Jack (the god of war) could defeat his.

Chris and Maria sail to the arctic. Captain Cook decides to turn back after running into icy waters. Tells the men they will return after they’ve circled back toward the Devil’s Islands in search of Chris’s lost wife.


January 1774

March 1774

Bud, Jack, and Phil convince the three rival tribesmen to play along with their scheme. The six of them are ushered to an opening and prepared to face off when an approaching ship draws the crowds attention. Taking advantage of this distraction, Jack, Bud, Phil, Michael, and Jacob steal their inflatable raft and follow the three rival tribesmen across the island.

Rowing out toward the ship, Jack is surprised to find Chris alive. It is Captain Cook’s ship.

Jack, Bud, Phil, Maria, and Jack work with Johann and Edgecumb to come up with identities for each of the people remaining on the island as they sail toward it.

Jack allows Chris to run ahead onto the island to be at last reunited with Alaina.

Alaina, in addition to being shocked over time travel, is torn between Jack and Chris.

Chris is livid when he realizes she is pregnant by Jack. The two of them fight.

Alaina ultimately chooses Jack.

Chris runs to Maria for comfort.

The group forms theories about how the storm works, comparing their experiences with the journal entries for similarities.

Johann theorizes the equinox might be connected thus enabling a portal to open both on September 3 and March 3 due to the earth’s location to the sun. Because both the merchant ship and the airplane lost lives, he fears there may be sacrifices or a limit to how many can cross through.

They debate if there’s any value to the amount of people crossing through, three in September and fifteen in March.

They sail toward Tahiti.

March 1774

April 1774

They begin to plan for who might go through time if only three are able to travel in September.

Alaina and Maria attempt to become friends, talking about Chris and Maria’s hidden desire for him.

In Tahiti, Chris and Maria are caught confessing their love for each other by John Edgecumb.

Mad with jealousy, John sends Chris on an errand with a man named Oro to spy on an enemy tribe in Eimeo. When they arrive, Chris reads a letter from John just before Oro shoots him in the back.

Chris jumps off the boat and lands at a small inlet island.

A local fisherman from Eimeo and his young grandson nurse Chris back to life and escort him back to their village.

John confesses to Maria.

Maria, Jack, Alaina, and Anna travel to Eimeo in search of him.

As they pull into the shore, they are greeted by a Spaniard man named Juan Josef Perez Hernandez. He expresses interest in Maria and insists on escorting them back to Tahiti. His men show their group to the village.

The locals say Juan Josef is an evil man—a pirate—and cannot be trusted.

Anna inspects Chris and learns he’s been seeing things and hearing voices since the crash. She suspects brain damage and insists he should be one of the people to go through time.

The group escapes Juan Josef’s men and hear him say “she is our only way home” before they row away from the opposite side of the island.

Back in Tahiti, Chris and Maria begin their relationship.

The group watches for signs of Juan Josef. His ship remains in Eimeo.

Alaina finds out she’s having twins.

April 1774

July 1774

Kyle and Fetia are caught kissing.

Alaina gives birth to her twins, Zachary and Cecelia

Captain Cook leaves and promises to return for them after he’s explored the arctic.

Juan Josef captures them all, revealing to Alaina he also came back in time through the storm 20 years ago and has been seeking a way back.

He tells Alaina that 20 years ago for him was 1977.

April 1774

Book 3

July 1774

Juan Josef explains that time is moving slower in the past than it is in the present (half the speed).

He tells Alaina she reminds him of his wife Gloria.

He takes her to a large room on his ship where the other women are held captive separate from the men.

Learns Kyle is married to Fetia

Alaina is the only person let out to dine with Juan Josef and his two sons, Juan Jr. and Dario.

They solidify the theory that only 3 can pass through in September.

Juan Josef wants to send one of his sons with two of her people and wait for their return.

Learns Juan was a drug lord fleeing capture. Their yacht was loaded with weapons and family. Dario’s twin sister Dahlia was left behind.

Alaina learns Fetia is pregnant.

Kyle escapes captivity. Dario informs them that everything they say and do is being monitored.

Receives letter from Jack that he’s coming for her. She tells him not to fight. Genuinely afraid of what Juan Josef might do.

Juan sails away from Tahiti toward the storm even though its too soon.

In an attempt to stop the escape plots and maintain order, Juan Josef hangs Jack from the rafters and has Alaina flog Kyle.

Juan Jr. stops it, showing his authority over his father.

Juan Jr. explains that they want to find the ancestor of the DEA agent (Richard Albrecht) that killed their mother, Gloria, and caused them to flee, making it so they can never have gone through time at all and undoing all the wrong they’ve done there. He confesses that they’d been hunting men with the last name Albrecht for some time.

July 1774

Mid-July 1774

Alaina has spent a week in bed after suffering from an infection after birth. She learns her people have been given more freedom to roam the ship. Juan Josef refuses to speak to anyone but her.

She makes peace with Chris.

Since Juan Josef only meets with her, she plots a way to kill him by taking advantage of her likeness to Gloria.

She tells him she overheard Jack cheating on her while she was sick, based on a bad dream she had, starts to play with flirtation.

Mid-July 1774

Early August 1774

Some of the crew show signs of illness, Anna sent to treat them.

On deck, Alaina sees what looks like their island and convinces Juan Josef to sail there and stock up the ship before sailing to the storm.

Anna tells Juan Josef she suspects the shipmen have typhoid fever and explains that it can be treated with the antibiotics they have left and fruits on the island rich in vitamins.

Juan Josef slits her throat.

Juan Jr. attacks his father, locking him in with Dario as he helps Alaina escape.

The crew, afraid of typhoid, evacuates the ship and rows to the island with them.

Bruce delivers fruit to the crew to “help”, exposes his motives when he’s caught with poisonous sea mango. Most of the crew dies on the beach, leaving only service staff still alive.

With the weapons now in their hands, they take Juan and his sons captive.

They need a way to sail the ship to get to the storm.

Juan Jr. agrees to captain the ship as long as his father is kept alive.

Juan Josef is locked up in a room on the ship. Phil is locked up with him.

Bruce insists on going forward with Juan Josef’s plan to kill the ancestor in order to save Anna.

The decision is made to send Chris, Maria, and Bud through time. Bud will employ a company to research ancestries for all of them to ensure moving forward with Juan Josef’s plan won’t change their own lineage while Chris has his head looked at and Maria checks in on families.

Early August 1774

Mid-August 1774

Juan Jr. tells Alaina her necklace is the same one Gloria wore.

Alaina is afraid to go anywhere near the storm because of the necklace.

Mid-August 1774

Late-August 1774

Jim asks Chris to seek out his ex-girlfriend June and give her his lottery winnings for the child she was pregnant with.

Alaina and Jack stay behind on the island while the others go to the storm.

Late-August 1774

Early-September 1774

Group returns and informs Alaina they had to separate Phil after Juan Josef stabbed him through the cheek. Unsure how he got a paperknife.

While on their way to the storm, they had to lock another shipman (Eli) in with Juan Josef when he became suspicious of their reasoning for locking up his captain.

Kyle makes a case for being adult enough to father his child and know what love is. Claims to be in love with Fetia and willing to do whatever it takes to take care of her.

Alaina starts to have strange dreams about Chris.

Early-September 1774

March 2019

When going through the storm, Chris has bizarre visions of an alternate life with Alaina, becomes convinced his brain damage is worsening.

Chris, Maria, and Bud arrive in the future and are picked up by a barge.

Onboard, they are informed of the year and that their flight was infamous for leaving no signs behind. They’re famous before they even reach a shore.

They also learn about Covid-19 and wonder if something they did caused it.

Maria’s visa is extend for six months. Chris plans to marry her so her citizenship lasts for the year they intend to be there.

His bizarre visions of Alaina worsen and he tells Maria about them.

His father schedules a doctor’s appointment for him before he even lands in Chicago.

In Chicago, they are greeted by Alaina’s family. When he asks Cece about Owen and Maddy (her husband and child), she is confused by the names. He realizes the visions are altered memories and that killing the men on the ship altered time so that Cece and Owen could never end up getting married. It changed everything about his own marriage when Alaina never left to Minnesota.

Early-September 1774

Mid-September 1774

Alaina realizes her memories are changed and remembers a happier life with Chris. Where she’d opposed the plan to hunt the Albrecht ancestor before, she now feels she owes it to her sister to put things back to save her the loss of her husband and child.

Alaina finds it strange that they still ended up on the plane to Bora Bora despite their relationship being in a good place. It was Chris that surprised her with the trip in the altered memories.

Knowing they can change things and potentially remember, Lilly wants to use the time they’ll spend waiting on the island to plan her wedding to Jim.

Mid-September 1774

Early April 2019

Cece is suspicious of Chris and Maria. Spying on him.

Chris sees doctor and learns he needs a risky brain surgery. Plans to marry Maria beforehand so she’s safe.

Bud hires genealogists to pull ancestry, does a bit of digging on his own and finds an ancestry chart with Alaina and Jack’s names on it, made by a Dahlia Perez. Jack has a death year listed of 1775.

Early April 2019

Late-September 1774

Lilly sews her wedding dress.

Juan Josef kills his own shipman, Eli, with a kitchen knife, claiming he didn’t want company. The group marks all knives and weaponry with an inventory mark to keep track of it. Presuming someone is helping Juan Josef, Jack and Jim take shifts guarding their two makeshift jail cells for Juan Josef and Phil.

Late-September 1774

Mid-April 2019

Chris scans Dahlia’s genealogy report and realizes Gloria is a direct descendant of Alaina’s daughter, Cecelia. Thinks all they have to do is bring Cecelia home and they’ll change history that way.

On the chart, he sees Juan Jr. is not related. He has a different mother, Juliana Martinez.

His memories create distance between him and Maria. She refuses to marry him when his thoughts are on his wife.

Maria finds Anna’s sister. Plans to check in on Anna’s son when they travel to California to meet up with Bud.

Mid-April 2019

May 2019

Chris has his brain surgery.

He wakes to find Detective Terrence Haywood in his room. The detective asks questions about Alaina’s wedding ring found among his things and hints at Chris possibly being connected to a hijacking.


May 2019

Early-October 1774

Jack and Alaina have an impromptu wedding on the beach.

On their wedding night, Jack finds an unmarked kitchen knife in their bed.

The group grows increasingly suspicious of the crew and Juan’s sons.

Early-October 1774

June 2019

Released from the hospital, Chris returns home to recover.

He learns Cece and Alaina’s family are convinced he’s done something terrible. They refuse to speak to him.

Detective Haywood continues to sniff around, even showing up at a family dinner. If they suspect terrorism, Chris could be arrested.

Maria has located June in Albuquerque, suggests they travel there to get away from the detective and then go on to Bud’s home in California.

Chris thinks they should try to leave sooner. If others traveled from the future in September, they should be able to as well.

Maria suggests they stop in Las Vegas to get married on the way.

June 2019

Mid-October 1774

Phil volunteers to be locked in with Juan Josef to help catch whoever’s helping him. Claims to be worried for Kyle and Fetia.

Lilly continues her own elaborate wedding plans.

Mid-October 1774

July 2019

Maria and Chris give June the money from Jim, find out she had a son named Beau and that the detectives have been questioning her as well.

They travel to Las Vegas to get married, but Chris mixes up his meds and ends up lost, calling Maria by Alaina’s name when he’s found. She refuses to marry him again.

July 2019

November 1774

The group prepares for a potential turn of the crew, keeping close watch on Juan Jr. and Dario as they continue to plan for Lilly and Jim’s wedding.

Jim overhears one of the servicemen talking about stolen English gold on the ship and how they’ve been searching for it for years. Jim and Alaina make a bet as to who might find it first.

Juan Josef tells Alaina it is hidden safely away inside the room with him.

Jack begins giving Alaina and Lilly self-defense lessons.

November 1774

August 2019

Chris and Maria arrive at Bud’s home in California.

Chris visits a new doctor there and has his medications adjusted.

Maria gives him the silent treatment and spends most of her time on the phone with “a friend.”

The friend turns out to be Dahlia and she recounts the storm. She’s convinced she would’ve gone through it too had her uncle not pulled her out of the light. She thinks the number is irrelevant, but the speed they were traveling is what mattered. The lightning was done in a second and it took whoever was there to catch it.

Chris becomes hopeful that the entire group, if kept together and traveling fast enough, could go home safely.

Dahlia also informs them that a detective is hiding out down the street to listen in on them.

Bud joins them with his research. Thinks they should leave right away since Detective Haywood is growing more restless.

They load up Bud’s yacht with gifts and research and leave for the storm.

August 2019

September 2019

Just before they reach the storm, Chris discovers Cece and Detective Terrence Haywood hiding on the yacht with them. It’s too late to turn back.

September 2019

December 1774

Lilly and Jim get married. Everyone is armed and ready for a potential attack from the crew or Juan’s sons.

Fleeing back to the ship when a downpour hits, they see the yacht coming toward them and hurry to the top deck.

Jack and Alaina are left in the dining room and attacked by two service men and Juan Jr.

Juan Jr. proves to be an ally, killing the two men who had been involved and admitting it was his brother’s doing. He locks Dario in with his father and Phil, promising to guard the door.

The group reunites and exchanges gifts and knowledge. Alaina is excited to go home.

Cece is not excited about the other life she knows nothing about.

Juan Josef, Phil, and Dario escape through a hidden passageway built into the ship, stealing the yacht in the night.

They leave behind a section of the ancestry report with the name George Thomas Bennet highlighted--Richard Albrecht's ancestor--and a date of December 1775 and the battle of Great Bridge where he'll be located.

December 1774

Book 4

December 5, 1774

Realizing Izzy and Bud are missing alongside Juan Josef, Phil, and Dario, the group decides to head away from the storm and toward the isthmus, where he’s likely traveling, hoping to catch him there, rescue the others, and return in time for the storm in March.

Cece and the detective, Terrence, reveal they’ve been friends for years. His wife was a friend of hers in college.

Cece feels like she’s met Juan Jr. before and is increasingly drawn to him. Approaches him that night in an attempt to figure out how.

December 5, 1774

December 6, 1774

Cece tells Alaina she doesn’t want some other life where she never finished school and got a degree. On her current timeline, she earned her Ph.D. and has big plans for her life.

The group dives into the history books searching for ways Jack might avoid the death year of 1775 printed beneath his name. They look for possible disasters along the route to Virginia and make a list of events.

One event was a strange ship fire on a vessel named the São Salvador near Charleston.

Cece stays up late looking for additional information and Juan Jr. joins her, confessing to being drawn to her as well and asking for a courtship.

Cece agrees to the courtship if he will agree to save her from returning to another life. If they change everything, he should return at his age to sometime around 1999 and be able to interfere in there meeting.

December 6, 1774

December 7, 1774

2am., after sitting still in the water without wind, the ship is attacked by Nikora from the nearby islands, seeking to commandeer a vessel to search for Jack, Jacob, and Michael.

Cece and Kyle go to the hull to retrieve modern weapons.

Kyle is hit with a poison-tipped spear. Cece shoots their attacker.

While loading guns on the top deck during the battle, Cece is hit by a poison-tipped arrow in the foot and falls into paralysis.

Alaina administers muscle relaxers and stays with her in Juan Jr.’s bedroom.

Juan Jr., Chris, Jack, and Jim question a prisoner about the poison. It’s some form of weaponized tetanus.

Chris and Alaina are alone for the first time since their memories changed. He can’t help the feelings that have returned for her. She turns him away.

December 7, 1774

December 8, 1774

Cecelia wakes to find Juan Jr. beside her.

She opens up to him and he gives her his ring as a courtship present.

Jack shares his dreams about his time with the Nikora with Alaina and his fears that she or his children could be harmed.


December 8, 1774

December 9, 1774

Cece goes to coffee with Juan Jr., despite her stiff muscles.

She and Juan help Bruce make bread and help treat his burns before her muscles tighten back up.

Chris avoids Maria and confesses his feelings to Alaina. She turns him away again.

Cece and Kyle are both put in dark rooms and given laudanum. Cece worsens without a recent Tetanus booster.


December 9, 1774

December 13, 1774

Chris has spent the week sleeping in the hull and drinking.

Jim sends him to deal with his business.

Jack warns him to stay away from Alaina.

He tells Maria he needs time to deal with these feelings.

Cece has gotten worse, her body stiffening every time they attempt to wean her off the laudanum where Kyle is almost fully healed.

Alaina and Juan Jr. are in the room talking about her alternate life when Chris reveals how Owen had made a bet with his friends that he’d take her home the night of the sorority party at Ohio State where they’d met.


December 13, 1774

December 16, 1774

Cece wakes up and remembers Juan Jr. at the party preventing her from meeting Owen. He warns her in the memory that Jack will live if they all get off the ship in Panama. He explained he’d been searching for his wife at the party and kissed her before leaving.

Jack is not so convinced of the warning's authenticity and neither he nor Juan Jr. want the women and children exposed to the dangers that lie within the Panama rainforest.

Juan Jr. and Cecelia kiss, both of them instantly obsessed with each other.

Juan Jr. tells her about his lost wife and children, and how they’d landed in California when they came through the storm and it was her family that took them in. Their fathers then went to collect some of the gold that would one day lead to the California gold rush and that’s where their money had come from.

December 16, 1774

December 17, 1774

Cece becomes closer to Bruce, spending more time in the kitchens with him.

Terrence shows Jim a picture of his son.

December 17, 1774

December 18, 1774

Cece inspects the pigs and finds Maria sleeping in the hull.

The two of them become quick friends.

Juan and Cece become more serious.

Alaina worries about Cece one day remembering her old life and regretting her decisions here if she loses her daughter, Maddy in the process.

Alaina and Jack disagree about Juan Jr.’s warning. Terrence agrees to remain behind with the women on the ship and send Jack off with a copy of the ancestry report to see if it changes when he’s on land.

Chris and Juan Jr. begin sparring together in the mornings. Juan teaches him a new technique.

Juan Jr. promises Jack he will position the ship in such a way that even should his father attempt to steal it, it would take a full day to turn it around, giving them enough time to return.


December 17, 1774

December 26, 1774

Cece and Juan are inseparable, spending every moment possible together.

The group comes upon the yacht, abandoned, and find Phil left shot on its deck.

He reveals that he and Bud hid Izzy in the vents and tampered with the fuel line. A slave vessel bound for Panama had come upon them and Juan Josef had taken command of it. He and Dario had taken Bud with them after Bud tossed the binder of ancestry data into the ocean.

Phil, certain Juan Jr. was the one to help them off the ship, shoots Juan Jr. in the shoulder.

Cece stitches both Juan Jr. and Phil while the others collect Izzy and anything valuable from the yacht before sinking it.

They return with Bud’s laptop. All the ancestry data is saved inside.

Juan Jr. gives Cece his mother’s ring after she tells him more about her memory and his reference to searching for his wife.

Alaina shows Cece and Juan Jr. a photo of the ship’s master’s log on the laptop. Jack’s name is written in her handwriting, the name above is one of the men who died from the poison, and the one below, Simón Bacallar, is not a name Juan Jr. recognizes but both names are written in his handwriting.

Cece drips ink on the actual master’s log in Juan’s desk and the image on screen changes, proving they can actually tamper with the reports they have.

Cece, conflicted with Gloria’s parentage, proposes that Alaina go to the future and return when it is safe (to avoid Zachary’s printed death year of 1779). She offers to come back with her and live in the 18th century. Juan Jr. is touched by this.

December 26, 1774

December 27, 1774

The group arrives in the bays of Panama City.

Alaina gives Lilly her necklace so she and Jim can pose as Alaina and Jack when they go to shore, assuming Juan Josef is out there somewhere watching for them. Jim and Lilly hold pretend babies and hide under hooded cloaks as they row toward shore.

Maria, Chris, Jim, Lilly, Juan Jr., Tomás, Gabriel, and Jack leave the ship while the rest remain behind.

They stop at the slave ship and find it mostly empty, waiting for slaves coming from the opposite side of the isthmus.

On the docks, Juan Jr. learns that his father and brother along with a few others went to the Ruiz stables the day prior.

Jack stays with Gabriel and Tomás at an Inn while the others rent horses at the Ruiz stables. Alonso Ruiz and his sons (Lucas, Martín, Benito, and  Adrián) inform them that Juan Josef had rented a handful of horses and traveled toward Portobelo with his oldest son (Jacinto). The group pursues and heads into the rainforest.

Alaina, Cece, Terrence, and Magna explore the contents of the laptop, finding a bizarre old painting and two passengers from the back of the plane inside it. The boy’s Nike shoes had made the painting into a popular conspiracy and Terrence confirmed their identities from the airplane's passenger log as Charlotte and Chase Miller.

They find other conspiracy theories linking the area their plane had gone down to a series of similar coordinates along the equator named the Vile Vortices. Each location had stories of ships or airplanes or people vanishing.

They also find photos of Juan Josef and Gloria as well as photos and videos Terrence had taken on the ship of Juan Jr. and Cece.

December 27, 1774

Morning: December 28, 1774

Cece wakes to silence and finds the other cabins on the ship empty. Checking the ancestry chart, she sees Jack’s date has changed. She uses the hidden passageways to creep up to the top deck where she finds Juan Josef and a mass of the slaver crew have taken baby Cecelia and are holding the others hostage. Juan Josef is referring to Alaina as his wife. Izzy is hidden in the passageway with her.

In an effort to get off the ship and warn the others, Cece reveals herself to Juan Josef, calling him father and showing him the two rings she wears and Juan Jr.’s journal entires.

Mr. Gil, who she’d been unaware had been hiding aboard the ship to play the spy, confirms she is telling the truth.

Cece mentions their altered memories and assures Juan Josef she has no intention to stop him, that she just wants to spend time with her fiancé before they are forced apart by time.

Dario escorts Cece and Izzy to shore at the behest of Juan Josef. Juan Josef insists Dario and his brother proceed to Portobelo and travel to Virginia that way while he sails around the continent with Alaina and the babies safely in his care.

Dario encounters Lucas, Martín, and Benito Ruiz on the docks who boast about the duchess his brother is escorting.

Dario hands Cece off to them, explaining she’s the duchess’s sister but he suspects her and the duchess to be imposters. He promises to return with a reward for her if she is who she claims to be or to give her to them if she is an imposter.

Cece realizes he’s stalling so Juan Josef can turn the ship. She uses a taser to disable the men after Dario rides off with Izzy, and sees Tomás standing in the road, but is struck down by their other brother, Adrián, before she can get to him.

Morning: December 28, 1774

Afternoon: December 28, 1774

Juan Josef informs Alaina that he told the crew she was his wife and had stolen his ship and children. She needed to play along if they were going to get to Virginia.

Juan Josef is distraught by the fact that the others remember both versions of their lives. He’d never thought anything he’d done would have a lasting effect. He asks Alaina to sail with him to Virginia to prevent further conflict and bloodshed.

Realizing she has no choice, she sends a coded letter to Jack, instructing him to use their time apart and his advantage in arriving ahead of them to hunt Juan Josef’s ancestor instead.

Bud, Phil, Magna, Terrence, Kyle, and Fetia are offered safe passage back to the storm—paid for by Juan Josef—on the slave ship, the Sofia Martina. Alaina convinces them to go.

Tomás catches up to Juan Jr. and the others in the rainforest and informs them of Cece’s capture and their father’s commandeering of the ship.

Juan rides off with him.

Dario joins Chris, Jim, Maria, and Lilly, handing over Izzy to them and offering them the same safe passage on the Sofia Martina. They refuse and, with an automatic rifle stolen from Juan’s ship, point him back toward the docks, ordering him to take them to the ship.

Cecelia wakes in a cabin surrounded by Lucas, Martín, Benito, and  Adrián Ruiz. Her glasses are gone and her vision is blurry. She’s been dosed with ether and most of her clothing has been removed. Adrián insists she’s an imposter witch and intends to have his way with her.

She lies still, pretending to be unconscious, and lets him get close, then digs her thumbs into his eyes.

During the fight, Juan Jr. arrives and quickly kills all four brothers, carrying her out and consoling her.

Deciding Dario might be the bigger threat, they send Tomás toward the inn to order Gabriel to deliver a message to wait to Juan Josef, while they ride toward the others.

To keep Cece safe from his family, Juan Jr. proposes a hand-fasting ceremony. She agrees.

Afternoon: December 28, 1774

Evening: December 28, 1774

Gabriel returns from the ship with letters from both Alaina and Juan Josef.

Juan Jr. attacks his brother on the road.

Jack, Tomás, and Gabriel catch up and inform them that the ship is gone and they’re heading to Portobelo and Virginia.

Cece fixes Dario’s dislocated shoulder.

Alaina shows Juan Josef a video of Juan Jr. and Cece on the laptop to verify she was telling the truth.

When asked about Juan Jr.’s mother, Juan Josef softens and tells a story of a rival drug family and the daughter that might bring peace to the two families. When he left her, she delivered his son to his gates and stapled the words “your bastard” to his chest. He tells her it’s why he has a soft spot for Juan Jr., afraid he remembers spending the night in the mud.

Alaina then shows photos of Gloria and Juan tells stories of how Gloria had saved Juan Jr. from himself; how he needed more of that. Explains that it was the DEA agent Richard Albrecht who’d posed undercover as a friend and weaseled his way close to the family. She’d cheated on Juan with him, not knowing he’d been using her to get details about the business.

Evening: December 28, 1774

December 29, 1774

Alaina makes a deal with Juan Josef that if he lives and returns to 1999 as they suspect he will do something to prevent Charlotte and Chase Miller from getting on the airplane.

Juan Josef informs her of his suspicion Jack might be hunting his own ancestor and as a precaution he sent a slaver ahead with a letter to send him away from Yorktown.

Cece and Lilly catch Maria standing at the edge of a cliff. She informs them she is pregnant and will lose the child once they change history. They convince her not to end her life but to let them seek Queen Anne’s lace so she can abort the pregnancy instead if that’s what she wants.

Cece learns of Jack and Alaina’s plans to hunt Juan’s ancestor in Yorktown.

She reads Juan Josef’s letter to Juan Jr. informing him that he’d sent their ancestor away.

Cece and Juan Jr. share in a hand-fasting ceremony in the rain.

Cece, Juan, Jack, Jim, Lilly, Maria, Chris, and Dario arrive in the night at a hideaway called Hector’s. It is full of rebel supporters, including a Frenchman named Pierre Beaumarchais. Hector gives them rooms and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Dario gives Cece glasses as a peace offering.

Maria continues to give Chris the cold shoulder so he spends most of the night among the rebel supporters, discussing the war to come over cards.

December 29, 1774

December 30, 1774

Pierre Beaumarchais, finished with his dealings, accompanies the group to Portobelo.

On the road to Portobelo, Chris learns Maria is pregnant. He apologizes for everything and is determined to save them both from the loss of a child. Maria is unwilling to chance it. She agrees to wait to take the potion until they arrive in Virginia, hoping they can find Bennet long before she’ll give birth to avoid a potentially dangerous miscarriage.

The slaves headed for the ship in Panama City cross paths with them.

Pierre Beaumarchais witnesses Cece’s horror at the sight and purchases three on her behalf (Miguel, Antonio, and Dee). They are then offered freedom among the Cimarrones in Panama.

Cece realizes it’s all for nothing. Once they change history, their group will have never been there to save them.

Juan Jr. promises to return and free them again. She tells him that if they do return to live in this time with her sister, she will never be able to stand aside and not act when they encounter slavery. He vows to collect the same gold his father did and purchase the same ship with its hidden passageways so they can free as many as she wishes.

December 30, 1774

January 15, 1775

Alaina and Juan Josef become civil.

She learns he did not construct the ship or its secret passageways. It was purchased that way. The ship once belonged to King Phillip of Spain and he likes to travel in secret. She then learns the name of the ship: São Salvador, the very ship they’d read had burned near Charleston.

Scanning the history books as they travel south, Alaina realizes there’s a very real possibility they will encounter Captain Cook as they round cape horn. His second voyage landed him in that area at just about the same time they would be approaching. She contemplates what she’ll do with this information.

January 15, 1775

January 21, 1775

Cece, Maria, and Lilly become closer during their time on the ship.

Dario and Jim become friends. The men spar and practice swordsmanship often.

The group sees Florida on the horizon.

January 21, 1775

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