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Publishing Book One!

April 10, 2021

One year after deciding to to write this story, several thousand cups of coffee later, and an influx of input from friends and family who I’m sure I’ve driven crazy with it all, I am finally hitting “Publish” this week!  I cannot believe it is done.  I want to thank all of the friends and family who helped me concept this beast of a story, and to the new fans, book 2 in Adrift is already mapped out!

I wanted to write a romance… that was fantasy-ish… and also historical.  So… I did!

This 600 page novel was a massive undertaking for me while still working full-time.  And while I know I need to focus my time and efforts on marketing the book, I am already champing at the bit to start writing the second in the series.

Marketing-wise, the hubby and I got down in our studio and made all the video ads ourselves – music, lyrics, video production, images, etc.  I couldn’t ask for a more supportive spouse.  I’m pretty sure, as my cursor hovers over the “Publish” button on Amazon this morning, he’s more excited about it than I am.

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