Feathers floating through ember

Book two of the adrift series

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Finding himself stranded in the water after a devastating plane crash, Chris Grace helplessly watches the raft which holds is wife float out of his reach. Clinging to a stewardess’s life-jacket to remain afloat, his life will be forever changed.

When rescue comes in the form of an old wooden ship, he is forced to question the world around him, realizing over time that the storm that struck their airplane was no ordinary storm at all. Under the protection of the name she shares with a well-known duchess, Chris and Maria navigate their presence on the ship carefully while forming a plan to find his wife and return home.

Adventure, mystery, and tragedy unfold as he sails the Pacific alongside an infamous world traveler. Along the way, he will have to face his inner demons and choose between the love he is bound to and the love he cannot control.

Can he get them home? And if so, what will home mean after all they’d been through?

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Hello readers! After an unforeseen delay, we now have a new release date of December 20th, 2021 for Book 2,…

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Answers to some common questions

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