"With an ensemble cast of characters who have to depend on each other for support and survival, this novel is more than just a love story." _ Publisher's Weekly

The Adrift Series

Book 5 Coming Summer 2023

Yes, Book 5 is coming this summer, but I don’t have a release date just yet. This last book requires a lot more research than the other 4 and is taking a bit longer to complete. Thank you for your patience! It’s coming!

Book 1

More of Us to the West

On a trip to reignite the spark in her marriage, Alaina Grace’s upgraded first-class ticket places her far from her husband and next to the notorious Jack Volmer, a former teen actor who’d previously hung on posters in her childhood bedroom. When an unusual storm forces their plane out of the sky, her ticket will save her life and require her to question everything.

Ripped from the comforts of her world and injured, Alaina finds herself on an island in the middle of the Pacific, completely separated from her husband among eleven strangers. Seeking comfort in the presence of the single familiar face, Alaina must choose between her past and her present; between two loves in two contrasting worlds. 

As they navigate life on the island, they uncover mystery around the storm they encountered and begin to question whether it was indeed a storm at all.  In this new foreign place, as they search for signs of rescue, these strangers will find adventure, hidden secrets, and in each other: family.

Book 2

Feathers floating through ember

Finding himself stranded in the water after a devastating plane crash, Chris Grace helplessly watches the raft which holds is wife float out of his reach. Clinging to a stewardess’s life-jacket to remain afloat, his life will be forever changed.

When rescue comes in the form of an old wooden ship, he is forced to question the world around him, realizing over time that the storm that struck their airplane was no ordinary storm at all. Under the protection of the name she shares with a well-known duchess, Chris and Maria navigate their presence on the ship carefully while forming a plan to find his wife and return home.

Adventure, mystery, and tragedy unfold as he sails the Pacific alongside an infamous world traveler. Along the way, he will have to face his inner demons and choose between the love he is bound to and the love he cannot control.

Book 3

Remnants on the tides of time

Finding themselves captive to Juan Josef, the combined group of survivors must come to terms with their own morality as they are faced with the dilemma of altering history in order to prevent tragedy.

Escaping Juan Josef and returning home sit at the forefront of their minds as the group blends. Relationships will be both tested and strengthened as they navigate captivity on an 18th-century pirate ship. They’ll face rough waters, illnesses, and be forced to cope with a captor who is unstable.

Will they find the storm? And once through, were the decisions made to get there the right ones?

Book 4

A Reflection of the sky on the sea

Cecelia McCreary’s life is not what she thinks. Arriving in the 18th century to be at last reunited with her sister, Cecelia struggles to find purpose in the life she’s to be restored to.

Traveling alongside her sister and new friends across the isthmus, Cecelia searches for a way to write her own story while seeking answers that might keep them all alive in the process.

Drawn to the single outsider in the group and the familiarness of him, Cecelia will stop at nothing to ensure her destiny is her own to write. The future suddenly within her grasp is not worth sacrificing.

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