"Sometimes I write blog posts, just to remind my books they're not the only words I'm capable of stringing together."

In the intimate dance of storytelling, characters are not just figments of the imagination—they are the heartbeat of our narratives, entities with depth, desires, and destinies. My process of character

In an age where the media’s pervasive presence infiltrates every corner of our lives—from the endless scroll on our phones to conversations dominated by the latest headlines—it became increasingly challenging

Hey everyone! I know, I know, it’s been a minute since I posted, but that’s because I’ve been writing up a storm–thanks to these amazing live beta readers! I decided

After finishing the final chapter of ‘The Adrift Series,’ a journey that has been as unpredictable as it has been fulfilling, I find myself both nostalgic and excited. This series,

Ah, the holidays… that special time of year when I’m attending more and more get-togethers and meeting new people. The minute they discover I’m an author, that good ole’ question

Today’s post wanders from the beaten path of my usual musings to a place brimming with appreciation and tenderness. It’s a space where I want to pause and honor my

Hey there, stargazers and page-turners! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, mostly because I’ve turned into a bookish mole, burrowing into the mountain of words that is ‘The

There are days when I find myself staring blankly at the blinking cursor on my computer screen. It’s almost as if that tiny, ever-persistent line is mocking me, challenging my

Greetings to my cherished readers, The journey through the Adrift Series has been nothing short of a dream, a collective experience that we’ve all embarked upon together. Each installment of

In this latest installment (set to be released September 30th, 2023), our beloved characters find themselves scattered across the 18th century, each facing unique challenges that will test their resolve

Have you ever come across a book that failed to resonate with you? It’s a common occurrence for readers, but have you ever considered the impact your review could have

Ah, the joys of ADHD. One minute you’re churning out the most creative piece of work you’ve ever laid your hands on, and the next, you’re knee-deep in a Google

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