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All the Feels!

May 3, 2021

Holy crap y’all!

I’m just taking a minute to share my Monday thoughts since I have ALL THE FEELS today!

First, a bit of background on this book. I sat down one day and started telling this story. I’d always wanted to write but never thought I had what it took to be a real author, especially being an avid reader and following series like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. How could I possibly measure up in the same genre? But I enjoyed the act of writing more than I ever could’ve imagined. Out of all the creative outlets I’ve had over the years, writing felt like my calling. So I kept going! 

It took me a year to finish it. But here’s why:

“This is crap…” Takes a month off because I used the word “shift” or “very” way too frequently.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Starts writing again because its fun…

“Nope… its definitely crap.” Re-reads Outlander and takes another month off because meh, its not even close.

“I miss Jim.” Starts writing again…

“What if I’m the only one who thinks its good? What if I only think its good because I’ve been writing it for a year? What if I hit publish and all of a sudden I get a bunch of 1-star ratings?” Delays publishing…

When I finally mustered up the courage to hit publish, I was terrified. Being my first book ever, I expected to hear: “It was alright” or “Definitely needs an editor!” Or “Don’t quit your day job!”

Instead, I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outpour of messages and positive reviews I’ve gotten from all over the world! Even some of the toughest critics on the web have sent me praise! To say that I am humbled is an understatement. I am entirely speechless. 

For example…

I love writing. It’s been life-altering, and I know that I have a ways to go to perfect the craft, but the support you all have given me has inspired me to keep going!

To my other author friends, keep going. We all go through self-conscious moments. If you love it, keep going! 

To my fans, THANK YOU! “Thank you” isn’t enough, but thank you! You have changed my life and I am excited to share more with you!

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