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The Adrift Series – Book 2 Update and Series Details

December 8, 2021

Hello readers! After an unforeseen delay, we now have a new release date of December 20th, 2021 for Book 2, Feathers Floating through Ember. I’m very excited to share this one with you. I have completely fallen in love with it.

There is a third book in the works – ‘Remnants on the Tides of Time’ – to be hopefully released in 2022. It’s writing itself at this point so I’m not even sure where book 3 will take us just yet. As these characters become more and more complex, there’s room for this series to go into all kinds of directions. So…for those of you desperately needing an “ending,” I’m not sure yet when that will come.

It will come though.

I took a chance self-publishing and coming out with my first book, and I want to thank all of my fans for taking a chance on a brand new author. I understand that there’s a lot of risk with new authors to leave things unfinished, but I promise, I will keep writing this story until there is an end. Writing this story and seeing the reaction to it has been beyond rewarding.

Thank you! I cannot wait to hear your feedback as this story moves forward.


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