The Adrift World… What comes next?

After finishing the final chapter of ‘The Adrift Series,’ a journey that has been as unpredictable as it has been fulfilling, I find myself both nostalgic and excited. This series, a labor of love, has been a significant part of my life, and I’m deeply grateful to all of you who’ve joined me in this […]

So, you read the entire Adrift Series. But, what was it really about?

Ah, the holidays… that special time of year when I’m attending more and more get-togethers and meeting new people. The minute they discover I’m an author, that good ole’ question about the series always rears its head, “What’s it about?” A million-plus words in this five-book series, and Aunt Marleen isn’t really looking for a […]

What’s in store for Book 5 of the Adrift Series: The Stars that Call us Home

In this latest installment (set to be released September 30th, 2023), our beloved characters find themselves scattered across the 18th century, each facing unique challenges that will test their resolve and convictions. One group embarks on a daring expedition through colonial America, driven by the quest to locate the elusive George Bennet. Another group grapples […]

What’s next? The Final Installment of the Adrift Series and Beyond

As an author, there’s nothing quite like the excitement and bittersweet feeling that comes with putting the finishing touches on the final installment of a beloved series and getting started on a brand new one. The Adrift Series: The Stars that Call us Home: After years of weaving intricate plots and delving into the lives […]

The Adrift Series Book 5 Update

Hey there, my amazing fans and dear friends! I’m sitting down today to have a heart-to-heart with all of you about the highly anticipated release of book 5 in the Adrift Series, The Stars that Call Us Home. I know you’ve been eagerly waiting for an update, and I want to be completely transparent with […]

What’s in Store for Book 4

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give away the bank here, but, since I’m wrapping this gem up now, I thought I’d share a bit of insight as to what to expect. Where book 3 slowed its pace in the second half to give you time to settle in to these relationships, this one is […]

The Adrift Series Book 4, A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea

Book 4 of the Adrift series, A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea, is underway and I’m so excited to share it this winter. We’re hoping to release this year, sometime in late November/early December. Follow me on social or sign up for my newsletter below to get updates on the official release. The […]

Today is a great day. Thanks to you!

Throughout my life, I have written countless chapter ones only to read them, say “meh,” and toss them aside, telling myself over and over not to ‘quit my day job.’ Well, young Trinity, being an author has just become my official day job. Take that, you self-doubting brat!  That’s right. Thanks to the amazing amount […]

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