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Today is a great day. Thanks to you!

June 27, 2022

Throughout my life, I have written countless chapter ones only to read them, say “meh,” and toss them aside, telling myself over and over not to ‘quit my day job.’

Well, young Trinity, being an author has just become my official day job. Take that, you self-doubting brat! 

That’s right. Thanks to the amazing amount of support and faith in me from, you, my readers, I am saying goodbye to my full-time corporate director position in order to dedicate myself fully to this craft that has absolutely changed my life.

At the onset of Covid, needing an escape from the doom and gloom of media, I promised myself I’d sit down and write one of the millions of stories in my head, and this time, I’d finish it—even if it was awful. I decided not to go the path of pitching to an agent and publishing house—because, well, that self-doubting brat still lived in there asking: ‘what if we suck?’

So, instead, I used my marketing and advertising knowledge I’d learned as a director to self-publish and promote my first book (which I hadn’t intended to be a series, but it turned out that the story just kept coming). And wow. I could’ve/should’ve quit my job then because it took off before my eyes and you loved it as much as I did.

So I kept going.

Mind you, I have no editor, no agent, and no publisher to trim and finesse my work. I know they’re far from perfect. But, I don’t write for perfection. I didn’t publish the first book to win awards or become a best-seller (although, I did accomplish both of those things, much to my surprise!) I write because I love it… because these characters call to me, begging to be brought to life… and bringing them to life; living this wild adventure alongside them as they drag me through it has been my favorite part of my 39 years so far.

These books were not meant to be as successful as they’ve been. I had never imagined the reaction I’ve gotten, and it brings tears to my eyes still when I sit down to read my reviews. 

I cannot say enough to my fans to express my gratitude as I work my final week as a director and prepare to set out on this new adventure of full-time authorship. 

I plan to use this next year to continue my Adrift Series while perfecting the art of creative writing, and perhaps finding an agent and editor to make them that much better for you. 😉 

I love you all. Thank you. At nearly 40, I’ve figured out what I want to be when I grow up, and you’ve made that possible.

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