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I like to write realistic characters into somewhat unrealistic scenarios and watch as they navigate through them.

I write men who are imperfect in life and perfect in love; the kinds of men we all secretly dream of, men who say and do the right things at the right times while still being perfectly flawed in every other aspect of their lives.

I like to write personalities my readers love to hate and hate to love. I want my readers to experience these characters as if they lived alongside them, to feel passionately—whether it’s love or hate or frustration—about each character they read.

Life has its tragic moments; every one of us has some tragedy that shaped a part of our personalities. I write those too, and I write them unapologetically. If you want authenticity in characters, you have to live those tragic moments with them.

But… we all have these truly amazing moments too, moments that drown out those tragedies and make us a little lighter for them. I make sure my characters have both.

I write to take my readers on a journey away from reality alongside characters that make it feel real. And I love every second of what I do.

the books

adrift book 1
More of Us To The West
adrift book 2
Feathers Floating Through Ember
adrift book 3
Remnants on the Tides of Time
adrift book 4
A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea
adrift book 5
The Stars That Call us Home
Snow and shadows book 1
A Song of Snow and Shadows

questions & answers

adrift series

A: It’s actually a funny story.  For years, I’d wanted to write one of the thousands of random stories in my head, but I just never could quite sit down and dedicate myself fully to it. The whole process of publishing seemed intimidating and kind of terrifying. Then, shortly before COVID, I met this woman who’d self-published through Amazon and had been wildly successful. I’d been dreaming about an island plane crash story for a while, and when COVID put the world on pause, I decided, that’s it! I’m writing it. I have the marketing know-how, and if she can do it, so can I! So, I started writing… And the more I wrote, the more the characters decided which direction the story would go. I hadn’t intended for it to be a series when I started, but slowly the time-travel piece found it’s way in and before I knew it, I had a series I couldn’t
stop writing.

A: My admiration for Diana Gabaldon’s work inspired the time-travel aspect of my story, but I quickly realized the immense research required to craft an authentic narrative. The challenge of research became particularly daunting with the introduction of historical figures like Captain Cook in the second book. To achieve authenticity, I immersed myself in the journals of every crew member aboard his ship, meticulously integrating their real-life events and timelines into my narrative. For each chapter across books 2 to 5, approximately 40% of my time was dedicated to researching the era’s landscapes, people, and customs to ensure the story’s realism.

A:  I see myself most in Alaina. Her neuroticism, indecisiveness, and tendency to overthink resonate with me. Writing her journey, watching her confront and gradually shed some of those traits, was not just a process of character development but also a personal journey of growth.


A: It’s a possibility. I concluded the series in a way that leaves the door open for future exploration. Parting with these characters was difficult, and I anticipate the desire to revisit their world will eventually draw
me back.

snow and shadows series

A: My storytelling approach consistently blurs the lines between genres, integrating elements of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and the human experience. While my new series leans more heavily into fantasy, it remains grounded in the narrative style that characterizes my work—melding fantastical elements with a setting that, while improbable, feels grounded in reality. This series unfolds in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where a devastating virus has nearly eradicated humanity, paving the way for a magical resurgence. The inspiration for this genre shift stemmed from my growing fascination with fantasy literature and a compelling story that haunted my dreams, insisting on being brought to life. Transitioning into this realm has been a natural progression for me, allowing me to explore new creative avenues while staying true to the essence of my storytelling.


A: Throughout the Adrift Series, I took an unconventional path by closely monitoring my reviews—a practice many authors shy away from. I discovered valuable insights in the criticisms, especially those highlighting issues with character relatability. This learning experience profoundly influenced my approach to the new fantasy series. I’ve now incorporated live beta readers into my writing process, inviting them to review chapters in real-time. This strategy ensures that my characters remain relatable and likable, and that the narrative maintains its clarity and engagement without becoming overly complex. Adopting this approach has revolutionized my writing, fostering significant growth and sustaining my motivation. It’s a method I plan to continue, marking a pivotal shift in how I approach storytelling.


A: The world-building in my new fantasy series is designed to blend the familiar with the novel, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the names and places have evolved beyond our current recognition. The setting for Emlyn, our protagonist, is on a mountain whose name and precise location are obscured by time, offering a sense of mystery grounded in a reality that readers might find intriguingly familiar. Similarly, Aisling, a pivotal location in the story, is a chain of islands that might remind readers of Hawaii, Fiji, or any number of Pacific island chains—again, known yet transformed. I’m particularly excited for readers to explore how I’ve interwoven myths, folklore, and a tapestry of religions and fairy tales into the narrative, creating a world that is rich with the “real but not real” essence. This melding of elements aims to craft a unique, immersive experience, inviting readers into a world where the fantastical feels almost tangible.


A: I’ve come to understand that ADHD and its frequent companion, depression, are not uncommon in the creative community. These conditions can intensify feelings of self-doubt and lead to moments that feel overwhelmingly deflating. My motivation for sharing my journey with mental health is rooted in a desire to offer solace and camaraderie to fellow authors and artists who might be navigating similar challenges. By openly discussing my experiences, I aim to normalize these struggles within the creative process and underscore that such hurdles don’t preclude success. My story is a testament to the fact that it’s possible to achieve great things, even when facing significant internal battles. Through sharing my coping mechanisms, the humor I find in my challenges, and the strategies I employ to overcome them, I hope to inspire others to see the temporality of their struggles and the potential within themselves to transcend these obstacles and flourish in their creative endeavors.


A: The intricacies of my personal challenges, including ADHD and depression, naturally seep into the fabric of my characters, enriching their depth and enhancing their relatability. I hold the belief that mental health struggles are a universal experience, to varying degrees, and by weaving these elements into the lives of my fictional characters, I’ve noticed a stronger bond forming between them and my readers. I aim to foster a narrative space where mental health is not only represented but normalized, offering readers a mirror to their own experiences and, hopefully, a sense of companionship and understanding.


A: Engaging in support and mentorship for fellow authors is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. Leveraging my two decades of experience in design and digital marketing, I’ve been able to navigate the self-publishing realm successfully, transforming my debut into a bestseller. Recognizing the maze of challenges aspiring writers face, especially post-publication, I’ve dedicated myself to demystifying the process for them. My efforts have been geared towards sharing my insights on effective marketing strategies and guiding authors through the creation of impactful campaigns to elevate their work. Beyond individual mentorship, I’m collaborating with seasoned professionals to develop a masterclass aimed at broadening this support. This initiative is designed not only to impart practical skills but also to foster a community where writers can thrive, bolstered by knowledge, encouragement, and collective wisdom. My goal is to empower authors to navigate the publishing landscape confidently, ensuring their stories find their audience and resonate widely.

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