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Book 3 updates and more!

May 5, 2022

Hey everyone! As my beta readers wrap up, I’m super excited to announce that the book 3 print files will be ready for pre-order this week. You’ll notice some new formatting this time around as we’ve decided to move away from Amazon printing. I’m so excited to release this one!

Before I completely dive into book 4–which is already underway–I’m planning to revisit books 1 & 2 to apply some much-needed love in the form of editing and reformatting. (Book 2 in particular. We were rushing to meet a deadline and I’m not happy with where it’s at presently.) We’ll then be switching the print pieces to the new printer as well!

Book 4 should release this winter. It’s fully plotted out and the early chapters already started, and hopefully, I’ll also be releasing book 1 of a new series of character standalone books this winter. The first one will be Jim Jackson’s backstory. 😉


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