Richard Albrecht
DEA agent that tricked Gloria into having an affair. Is the reason she died and they fled to the storm.
Maria Amalia
Born in Cuba, raised in Spain, she spent her childhood being abused by her father’s uncle, eventually migrating on a visa to the United States to become a stewardess and travel the world.
Notable Events
Physical Descriptors
Magna Amaru
A Tahitian native returning home after attending her daughter’s graduation from college in the states.
Daniel Bacallar
Simón Bacallar’s brother and co-captain, employed by Juan Josef to help him captain his ship around Cape Horn.
Simón Bacallar
Brother of Daniel Bacallar and captain of the Sofia Martina, the slave vessel heading for the storm and the Orient. Name listed on Juan Josef’s master’s log of deaths.
Pierre Beaumarchais
Rebel supporter who helps Juan Jr. secure a new ship bound for Virginia and buys the freedom of 3 slaves on Cecelia’s behalf.
George Thomas Bennet
Richard Albrecht’s ancestor and the man they intend to kill to change things.
Olivia Bishop
The actress that played Maggie on Fairview Nights and dated Jack while they were costars, leaving him for another actor when she took a role in a movie overseas between seasons.
Captain James Cook
Captain of the Resolution, making his second journey through the Pacific on behalf of the Royal Society to map the islands and search for a possible southern continent in the arctic.
John Singleton Copley
The artist that painted Charlotte and Chaise Miller in Philadelphia in 1775.
Juan Francisco de la Bodega
Juan Josef’s ancestor living in Yorktown.
Bruce Dietrich
Los Angeles restaurant owner, going to Bora Bora to cater an event and escape his recent divorce.
Lieutenant John Edgecumbe
In charge of the marines on Captain Cook’s Resolution, John befriends Maria and Chris and falls in love with Maria.
Young Tahitian woman hired by Captain Cook to assist Maria. She falls in love with Kyle and marries him.
Sir Johann Reinhold Forster
Naturalist on Captain Cook’s ship, befriends Chris and Maria and helps with time travel equinox theories. Ultimately hands them over to Juan Josef.
Captain Tobias Furneaux
Captain of the Adventure, accompanying James Cook on his second voyage. Flogged Chris for his involvement with Harris’s death and left scars.
Shipman who served another captain as first mate and is a skilled captain.
Mr. Gil
Juan Josef’s right-hand-man.
Alaina Grace/Volmer (AKA: Ally, Red, A.J., Lainey)
Singer/songwriter and graphic designer originally from Hyde Park, IL.
Notable Events
Physical Descriptors
Chris Grace (AKA: Der Mutige, Kreese)
Construction worker, Alaina’s husband, runs business with his father, originally from Arlington Heights, IL.
Evelyn Grace
Alaina and Chris’s daughter who died a week after birth.
Eve Grace
Chris’s mother, an artist.
Mike Grace
Chris’s father, owner of Grace and Sons Construction.
Sergeant Albert Harris
A member of Captain Furneaux’s men sailing on the adventure who attempted to accost Maria and was killed.
Robert Harris
Jack’s sister Macy’s fiancé.
Jasmine Haywood
Terrence’s wife and Cece’s best friend since college.
Detective Terrence Haywood
FBI agent and long-time friend to Cecelia, assigned to investigate the case of the missing airplane.
Translator for Captain Cook in Tahiti.
Isobel (Izzy)
Young girl who lost her hearing and was separated from her mother in the crash.
Beau Lee Jackson
Jim and June’s long lost son.