The Adrift Series Book 4, A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea

Book 4 of the Adrift series, A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea, is underway and I’m so excited to share it this winter. We’re hoping to release this year, sometime in late November/early December. Follow me on social or sign up for my newsletter below to get updates on the official release.

The bulk of book 4 will take place in 18th century Panama—a setting that has taken an abundance of research to get the world-building right but has been super fun to write. 

I have added a new and very important perspective—Cecelia—into the mix, and while I’m not normally a fan of authors doing this—hated that I had to in book 2—I think you’ll love seeing this world through her eyes and joining her on her own adventure.

I’m making amazing progress, and I now know where this series will end. I cannot say just yet if I will be able to squeeze the ending into book 4 or if I’ll need to extend to a book 5. All I know is that these characters are writing themselves off the original trail and demand that I follow. 😉

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